The Big Singing of Benton, Kentucky          

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CD-Big Singing Anthology

The Big Singing of Benton Kentucky
     This CD is an anthology of Southern Harmony performances from the Big Singing of Benton, Kentucky, 1966 - 1992 prepared to accompany the fifth edition of William Walker's Southern Harmony, as published in Lexington, Kentucky, by The University Press of Kentucky, 1993.
     The singing of Southern Harmony is unique to Benton, Kentucky, where reproductions of the 1854 edition of the fasola tunebook are still used. Authored by William Walker, the four-note system was designed to simplify music reading for his "singing school" students. Each note is characterized by a distinctive geometric shape; each song is sung through first "by the note," then "by the line."
     Other attempts were made to employ shaped notes as an aid to teaching music; other tunebooks were published using this and similar systems, but none other has retained the purity of the Southern Harmony.
     Dr. Glenn C. Wilcox, now deceased, but past dean of Early American Music gives a thorough discussion of the Big Singing in his Introduction to the fourth edition of Southern Harmony.

2003 Big Singing in Benton, Kentucky

Complete. Includes all singing and comments from various leaders.

Big Singing performances were recorded annually from 1990-1997 and are available in 2 CD albums and attractive 2 cassette vinyl albums for each year.

Recording commenced again in 2003 and is available as a 3 CD album (same packaging as used by DVD manufacturers and rental firms) that includes comments and banter from the morning and afternoon singing. Cassettes are not available.

An index is available showing which tunes have been recorded and the year(s) it was recorded. You can view the index by the Southern Harmony tune name or page number .

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