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APAD Digital Recordings is one of North America's finest classical on-location custom recording companies.

Our mission is to preserve great musical moments, and, thus, our musical heritage.

If you can make real music we can capture your performance in exquisite detail from the best seat in the house.

Then we manufacture a full-color, shrink-wrapped finished product for you to market as you desire.

Our capabilities include:

  • 24 bit recording in stereo or multi-track formats

  • HD Video (1080P) or Standard Definition (480i)

  • Blu-ray or DVD duplication

  • Mastering (optimizing recording for CD/DVD/cassette)

  • Information on filing for copyright clearance/mechanical license

  • Graphics design, layout, and printing

  • Large format printing for posters up to 2 feet x 6 feet

  • Audiophile cassette duplicating (KABA)

  • Duplication to CD-R (includes CD-Text for track name readouts)

  • DTS Suround 5.1 multi-channel Compact Discs (DTS Music Discs)

  • CD replication

  • Multi-channel duplication to DVD-R, DVD+R or Blu-ray

  • DVD and Blu-ray replication

  • UPC barcodes and embedded ISRC codes for retail sales products

There are no minimum quantities.

CD-R's play on any CD player and DVD-R or DVD+R play on any second generation or later DVD player. Blu-ray discs require a Blu-ray player.

DTS Music Discs play on CD, DVD and Blu-ray players with optical, coaxial or HDMI outputs connected to AV receivers displaying the DTS logo.